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Current Mining Projects

Windsor Gold Partners, LTD (WGP) looks to a bright future in gold. The WGP team has focused on commencing a gold recovery operation where it will be possible to achieve substantial profits while minimizing risk. Criteria applied in this consideration include:

  1. Independent test data demonstrating the presence of recoverable Gold.
  2. Property and permit conditions allowing for prompt commencement of recovery operations.
  3. Acceptable levels of capital requirements.
  4. Proximity to support services and industry expertise.

The management and advisors of WGP have settled on a plan and project which could offer a substantial return and rate of profitability.  WGP feels the criteria have been met. The objectives outlined point to gold extraction and recovery from material that has been tested and shown to hold significant quantities of gold.

WGP came by this knowledge and opportunity through a strategic alliance with Cascade Canyon, LLC. The project has been named The Cascade Canyon Gold Recovery Project by the Company and is located in the State of Idaho in the Western United States.

Substantial capital will be required in order for Windsor Gold Partners to succeed in its plans. Management has elected to offer its ordinary shares to the public in order to access the capital markets. If sufficient capital is not raised, or the estimates being relied upon to achieve sustainable revenues and profitability are wrong, or if the test results cannot be duplicated in field production, then, it is possible that the value of Windsor Gold Partners LTD ordinary shares may decrease or become entirely worthless.